Got talent? Show it off!


INFORMATION FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS: Come and support the best talents of VSE 2018. One of you = exchange student Jesper Nijboer from The Netherlands passed to the final with singing and playing guitar. See you on Thursday 15 November 19:00 at Vencovského Aula (the biggest of VSE)

The University of Economics, Prague all started in 2011. We decided to find the most talented of our students and give them an opportunity to show their skills in front of a big crowd. The show received a hugely positive response and many people were surprised by how much talent there is among the students.

Now it's 2018 and it's all coming around again. With even more contestants, more surprises, more possibilities and, perhaps, more talent. It's the 2018 VŠE'S GOT TALENT.

10 November 2018 will take place the first round of VŠE'S GOT TALENT you can participate if you are student, alumni, employee of our University. If you are a group, only 50% of the group is required to be from VŠE.
Exchange students are welcome too. You should fill the application form here before 10 November.

The show's here

There are only two rounds. If you are successful, you will participate in the final TOP 5 showing your talent during the Representative ball of The University of Economics, Prague. The ball will take place in Lucerna Great Hall and Lucerna Music Bar in Prague on 3 December 2018.

There is not only a fame and fun, you could receive an interesting prize too.

  • 1. Prize CZK 30 000
  • 2. Prize CZK 15 000
  • 3. Prize CZK 15 000
  • 4. Prize CZK 10 000
  • 5. Prize CZK 10 000

So, show your talent off.

What kind of performance is possible to participate with?

You can sing, dance, do tricks or whatever interesting you are good at. The TV talent shows can be an inspiration. But don’t worry nobody is buzzing you as in TV , we have very friendly atmosphere every year.
It is not necessary to change your performance every round of the competition. Moreover, in the semi-finals and finals, it is necessary to show the same performance.


Casting - first round
10 November, 2018 in the Vencovsky Hall, at the University of Economics
- Casting will be closed to spectators

15 November at 19:00, 2018 in the Vencovsky Hall, at the University of Economics
- Semi-final is open for spectators.

3 December, 2018 in Prague’s Lucerna Great Hall.
TOP 5 participants will show their performance and the absolute winner will be declared.